Q:  Why do I need to hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding or event?

A:  You're hiring a professional for your pictures, a professional for your cake, a professional for your flowers, and a professional for your hair, so why wouldn't you hire a professional for your makeup, too? A professional makeup artist not only ensures that your makeup will last all day and night, but that it will photograph beautifully in all lighting conditions as well. From the appropriate products down to the specific colours, a professional makeup artist customizes everything to you and your wedding vision. Your pictures are going to last a lifetime, and you want to make sure that your makeup looks flawless, and an experienced professional knows just how to do that. 


Q:  How far in advance should I book my date?

A:  Since Erin Nay Makeup Artistry is mobile and we provide makeup services wherever we are needed, there really isn't a typical wedding season for us. As such, we do recommend that brides book with us as soon as possible. The recommended booking timeframe is 8-10 months prior to your wedding, but 11-18 months in advance is now becoming the norm. Did you plan for everything BUT your makeup artist? Don't worry! It's never too late to book either, so there just might be an opening in our books for you!


Q:  How do I secure my booking with you?

A:  Services are booked on a first come, first reserve basis. In order to reserve your date, we require a signed agreement and a retainer (50% of the full agreement amount). Services booked within four weeks of the event date require payment in full. Once both the signed agreement and retainer are received, your date will be reserved. The retainer is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another date or service.

Inquiries and trials alone do not reserve your date, and due to our demand, we are unable to inform brides when other inquiries are made about their date. In order to secure our services, we recommend reserving your date as early as possible!


Q:   Do you provide services on-site?

A:  Absolutely! Erin Nay Makeup Artistry is 100% mobile. Whether you are wanting makeup services provided at your home, hotel, or the venue, we are able to come to you at any location. Plus, hiring a professional that comes to you offers you the luxury of being pampered with your bridal party, and who doesn't want to be pampered on their special day!?


Q:  Do you do a trial run?

A: Trials are required for all brides. Nothing would be more stressful for the bride (and the artist) than showing up on the day of your wedding and having a miscommunication between the look that you want and the look that your artist creates. This is why we always do a trial. 

Ideally, we like to schedule your trial 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. During the 90 minute the trial, we will discuss the details of your wedding, including your gown, flowers, colours, hair, bridesmaids dresses, etc., as all of these tie into your makeup look. Any skin issues or allergies that you may have will also be addressed. Then comes the fun part-the bridal makeup look! Photos of inspiration looks that you like, and don't like, are recommended, and will help to communicate ideas between you and the artist. Some great places to look for inspiration photos are in our portfolio, other bridal artists’ websites that share the same aesthetic, bridal magazines, and celebrity looks on the red carpet. A lot of looks found on Instagram and Pinterest are heavily filtered and photoshopped, and many of them are now computer generated, so do keep that in mind if using them as sources for your inspiration.

Once your look has been finalized, we will discuss what you have in mind for your bridal party in the way of makeup as well. Of course we want everyone to feel comfortable in the makeup they’ll be wearing, but it’s important to make sure that their looks are cohesive with yours and your overall vision on your special day.


Q:  Do you just do the bride's makeup, or can you do my bridal party as well?

A:  We can absolutely accommodate the entire bridal party! Mothers and grandmothers, too! Whether your bridal party is large or small, we can accommodate everyone. If needed, additional makeup artists are also available (at an additional fee).

We do require a Bride +3 (or rate equivalent) minimum booking for all local weddings. Travel in excess of 90 minutes round trip requires a Bride +5 (or rate equivalent) minimum booking.

Mileage originates from the Fort Wayne US37/I469 area.


Q:  Do you do airbrush foundation?

A:  At this time, we only offer traditional makeup services. Over the years, traditional foundations (hand-applied with a brush) have come a long way in terms of wear time, finish, and coverage. With traditional foundation, there's a formula out there for every skin texture and type. Not so with airbrush foundation, where some skin textures and types aren't really the best candidates. The foundations that we use at Erin Nay Makeup Artistry offer the same wear time and customizable finish and coverage that one can get with airbrush foundation, suited for EVERY skin type, all without the added expense that airbrush foundation can have. 


Q:  Can I just get my eyes done?

A:  Erin Nay Makeup Artistry does not offer partial services such as eyes only or foundation only. We want your entire makeup to be complete and cohesive with the overall look that you envisioned for your special day. By providing full makeup services, this ensures that your, and your bridal party's, makeup looks its best!


Q:  Well you can just use my makeup, right?

A:  We bring everything with us, so all you need to bring is yourself! We are trained and experienced in custom-matching every client to the right foundation shade, so you get that perfect match each and every time. Our professional products are also flash photography-friendly, so you never have to worry about how your pictures will turn out. Also, our client's safety is of the utmost importance to us. We follow proper sanitation procedures prior to and during every makeup application. By using only our products, we can ensure the safety of our clients and artists.


Q:  Do you do hair too? 

A:  Erin Nay Makeup Artistry only specializes in makeup artistry, but we do work closely with a few local professional hair stylists who, if needed, provide their services on-site as well. Once you have secured your date, we’d be more than happy to provide you with the names of some trusted and talented hair stylists we highly recommend.


Q:  Do you only do makeup for weddings?

A:  Our services are available for all of your makeup needs. Erin Nay Makeup Artistry also provides makeup services for engagements and bridal showers, special events such as proms, anniversaries, and holiday parties, boudoir and maternity photography, family and senior portraits, any and all types of photography, print/commercial work, personal makeup lessons, and everyday makeup. If you need your makeup done, we’re available!